Our Strory

SKINLAB was founded in 1991 in Sydney, Australia, and over the past decades it has emerged as one of the leading names in the industry. Backed by extensive research facilities and leveraging its high expertise in industrial technology,

SKINLAB has expanded rapidly over gaining the trust of thousands of dermatologists and pharmacists with their constant innovative contributions to providing high class skincare products.

 Trio Knowledge
Professor of Dermatology Andrew Watson, Bio-technologists Frank Aufenburg, Manuel Schwarzkopf, and Industrial Expert and chairman of CareLine cosmetics and care, first met whilst working for a global skincare giant on an anti-eye puffiness formula project in Sydney, Australia.
In 1991 they decided to brand their expertise and develop their new innovative skincare products under their own trademark SKINLAB®
Founders of CareLine Cosmetics & Care started manufacturing as early as 1982 of which they evolved from Skin Care Research & Development to industrial manufacturing.
The company, dermatologist-bio-technologist-chemist based, spearheaded by a team of biochemists, dermatologists, and other industrial experts in Australia saw the market gap in skin care where essential issues such as the genetics, climate and the cultural skin care habits of consumers were not taken into full account in developing a skincare treatment product. As the skin varies according to such factors, selecting the right synergy of active ingredients that would be effective yet safe, and would suit the regional climate conditions as well as the cultural behavior of consumers was the company’s R&D team main agenda