SKINLAB mission is to provide world-class products which are developed
after extensive research and manufactured as per the highest standards
of quality and hygiene.

The top-notch range of cosmetics products not only nourishes the wellness
of skin but also lends lasting glow and beauty.

Assuring the best products that bring out the best in people, CareLine puts
its customers first: Their wellness, beauty and confidence are the company’s
most important priority.


The experts understood that the brand is having a new targeted market in a potential growth area whose population is having skin types 3 to 6 according to the Fitzpatrick scale. With this and other environmental factors considered such as the level of pollution, humidity levels, high suns and temperatures, SKINLAB formulated skin care products specifically for the Middle East & African region, using clinical data studies from its MEA branch with proven efficacy and satisfying results to end-users without compromising safety or product quality. With this confidence, its users will be assured that their beauty products will address localized problems when delivering results.