Scar Removal Cream

Through extensive research and clinical trials, SKINLAB® has developed the formula that consists of natural ingredients that improves the colour, the texture and the overall appearance of injury, burn, surgery and acne scars.


This is the least invasive, least expensive, and effective means to treat scars. The best and most effective formula designed functioned by providing non-chemical hydration to the scar area, while speeding up cell turnover. This turnover brings old, damaged, scarred tissue to the surface, so it can be sloughed off.

The process should leave new, healthier skin, with little to no sign of the previous scar. Results show after the first skin-production cycle, 28 days of continuous use. Application: Apply generously 2-3 times daily for a minimum of 28 days.


depend highly on the type, depth and age of the scar. New scars can take up to 8 weeks for full recovery, while some old scars can take 3 to 6 months.

Ingredients: medical grade silicone, onion bulb extract, aloe vera, allantoin and oils of emu, safflower, sunflower and jojoba.

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